Freedom Homes Ministries of the Quad Cities is renovating a home on Grand avenue in Davenport that will house ten veterans when it is finished.

"There shouldn't be any homeless veterans on the streets,” said Angelica Walker, Freedom Homes Ministries president.


If you've ever tried a home renovation project, you know how huge they can seem. Getting Veterans off the streets is a pretty big project too.  There are roughly 50,000 homeless vets according to sats from 2014.

You've probably seen them.  Not the ones begging for cash on the exit ramps, but the wandering loners who could never fit in after the fight.  They exist in the shadows, close to the lives they fought to protect, but somehow a world away.

If you can help this project, you are placing yourself on the front lines of the fight to get Vets off the streets in the Quad Cities.  A fitting scenario to be able to help out those that did the same for me.

Angelica Walker and Sandra Cline's goal is to help the growing number of homeless veterans in our area off the street by providing some basic needs.

“It takes more than just getting a job people need a stable environment a place where they can feel safe and comfortable. People need clean clothes. If you just give somebody a hand it's amazing where that can go,” said Walker.

Our Quad Cities

The home has plenty of historic value as well, it was the first Von Maur house built in the Quad Cities in 1896.

Freedom Homes Ministry needs your help. They are accepting monetary donations, 100% of which go to the veterans. You can also donate food cards, clothing, and donations to replace the house's windows.

Contact Freedom Homes Ministry at:
720 E Locust Street, Davenport, IA 52803
(563) 326-4056