In Rock and Roll, the show must go on.  Even in the world of tribute rock.  Electric Shock The AC/DC Show, the Quad Cities first and one of the midwest's best AC/DC shows replaced exiting singer and Brian Johnson sound-alike John Kiss this week with DJ Ludowitz from Wisconsin.

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As if spot-on recreations of AC/DC weren't enough on stage, Electric Shock The AC/DC Show is now handling a lead singer change off stage, just like the boys from Down Under.  "John Kiss can sing anything," drummer Tom Ramirez said.  "We had a great run, and he leaves big shoes to fill."  And, being the singer in an AC/DC show means you have pretty big shoes to fill from the start.  Electric Shock The AC/DC Show has auditioned and used singers other than Kiss recently while he recuperated from an injury.  Deciding on DJ keeps the band able to rock their currently scheduled dates, and add punch to their upcoming schedule.

For anyone who's ever been in a band, there's always a little boost of energy when someone comes in.  DJ brings his experience and talent to Electric Shock The AC/DC Show not to replace John Kiss, but to sing Brian Johnson and Bon Scott. That's what the audience wants. And that's what you'll get with Electric Shock.  DJ recently filled in for Kiss at the Q Casino in Dubuque.  It looks like now, he's taking the reins full time.

Electric Shock The AC/DC Show has been bringing the expertly re-created music of AC/DC to audiences around the midwest since 2014, when "Angus"Johnny Degiorgio put the band together. Degiorgio, who is originally from Australia and standing at a height of 5’2” tall, has meticulously been playing the role of Angus since the early 90’s in Australia under the band Dirty Deeds.  The band has had a few lineup changes, with the additions of Ramirez and Kiss in 2016 to Degiorgio, Eric Richeal (Malcom) and bassist Darren Followwill the longest lasting.

As for John Kiss, He loved the camaraderie of creating the sound of one of his favorite bands for appreciative audiences.  He announced via Facebook on Monday (Aug 30th) that he was going to step aside and let someone else grab the mic, "After a great 4 years."  He remained coy about any future plans, saying only that he'll be "Out there again so I hope to have the support of the rock community."

And Electric Shock The AC/DC Show? The show must go on.  They have a busy schedule ahead, including 2 area shows this weekend and a major concert announcement coming Friday morning on 97X.

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