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If you listened to today's show, you could tell it was pre-recorded as as mentioned in my wrap-up segment, I commented, "'s cold."  Well, obviously, our weather is only cold by tropical standards.  I was out of town this past week at The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School for a course.  These segments were taped two weeks' ago.  We'll be back in the studio this week.  Now, onto this week's show notes.

Our first guest was Ms. Chris Shaw.  Chris a tremendous volunteer for our local Veterans.  In this week's show, we discussed her work with The Patriot Guard Riders and their wonderful work honoring and supporting our Veterans.  She also discussed the

Chris Shaw, and Jeno Berta appearing on QC Veterans' Roll Call.

Our second guest today was Mr. John Mikelson.  John is a 26-year Veterans of the U.S. Army, with 20 years of active-duty service.  He continues to serve our Veterans with his leadership with Midwest Military Outreach,  John is also involved with the Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve, ESGR, for Iowa.  We've discussed this important organization before and how it advocates for our citizen-service members.  We touched on a number of important issues, including the continued and tragic loss of our Veteran brothers and sisters to suicide.  John has a great suggestion that on the 22nd of each month, you reach out to your "battle buddy" or a Veteran you know to check in and say hello.  To reach John, please call his cell phone, 319-321-1387 or email him at  John has been given rights to post to our Facebook page and he has posted a number of important events and valuable information.  Please visit our page to learn more.

John Mikelson, Midwest Military Outreach, appearing on QC Veterans' Roll Call radio show.  (Photo credit, The University of Iowa, fair use claimed, link to web article here.

There was a first for our show where both guests discussed the same event.  Coming up during the second week in September, the National Disabled Veterans Golf Tee event will be held in and around the Iowa City area.  Riverside Casino takes the lead in this amazing event.  Here is a link to learn more about the event.  The local point of contact for this event is Mr. Kirt Sickle from the VA Hospital, Iowa City.  319.358.5963. 

As we wrap up these show notes, we want to make a plug for a most significant local event. Please come out to the Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois Veterans' Conference on March 1st.  The conference begins at Noon and is held at St. Ambrose.  There is no cost to attend and you can register for the conference here. Thanks for supporting QC Veterans' Roll Call!

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