Rejoice, Taco Bell lovers. One of your favorite late night snacks is returning.

Nacho fries disappeared from T Bell menus last spring because the chain couldn't keep up with demand, and customers were not happy about it. Now Delish is reporting that the item will make its grand return July 12, at a slightly higher price point.

The fries were $1 when they were first introduced last year, but this go-around, they'll cost $1.29, with the option of upgrading to a Supreme version for $2.29, BellGrande for $3.29, or as part of a $5 meal deal box.

Taco Bell is still using the old "limited time only" line when it comes to how long the nacho fries will be available, so it's unclear if or when the fries will disappear again. We're hoping the item finally becomes a permanent fixture soon, for the sake of our bellies.

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