We had just gotten done with our Bix party here at the station. We had bagged up the garbage, and yuck, the can needed a good cleaning. We stuck it in the corner of the garage for the rest of the day and decided to hose it out another time. That was a stinky job. Hosing down your garbage cans isn't a necessity anymore as Elite Trash Can Cleaning will do it for you!

The relatively new service was started by a Bettendorf couple who was looking for a company to clean their stinky garbage cans after the trash got picked up. When they couldn't find a company they decided to start their own. You may have even seen their truck around. I have and I've been intrigued ever since.

The cleaning process is rather simple. The cans are inspected for anything left behind by the garbage collector. Then lifted on the back of the cleaning truck and cleaned using 200 degree pressured water.  Finally the exterior of the can is pressure washed and a biodegradable deodorizer is applied to the can.

The company offers a variety of packages including quarterly, bi-monthly and monthly cleanings of your trash cans. The prices range from $8 to $55 depending on how many garbage cans you want to have cleaned and how often you need it done. One of the neat parts about the service is they'll come by and do it on your trash day after your trash is picked up. If you'd like more information on pricing, if they serve your area or the service in general click here.




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