Everything is done differently these days.  From shopping to eating to getting gas.  Nothing is unaffected by the pandemic we're in.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  So, I was curious how the haunts around the QC were handling things.  I know a few of them cancelled completely but there are some die hards out there that refuse to bow out.

I talked to the folks at QC Haunted Forest (3501 207th St. North, Port Byron, IL)

How have preparations for this year changed from previous years?

We have eliminated indoor waiting and instead moved outdoors (including having a foodtruck in the waiting area). Our hayrack transport has been removed to eliminate a major contact point. Confined spaces have been eliminated/removed. 95% of the attraction is outdoors.

What limitations have you experienced and how are you overcoming them?

While challenging, we are balancing the ability to scare in proximity with distancing guidelines. We are fortunate to be an outdoor attraction and are just having to revise some indoor elements as well as ticketing and waiting procedures.

What safety precautions would you like your attendees to know you’re staff is implementing?

We have modified the attraction to remove high touch surfaces and contact points as well as increase distancing.

What precautions are you requiring from your attendees?

Masks are recommended but not required. Please maintain space between your group and others while waiting and within the attraction.

Long shot here...but is there anything you’ve done differently this year that you’d continue if we magically went back to a pre-COVID world?

We can’t wait to bring the hayrack ride and be able to “get in your face” with props, narrow hallways, and scares.

What are your hours of operation?

Fri & Sat 7-11pm

Tickets available at www.qchauntedforest.com or at the door. In event of a sellout, online tickets will be given priority.


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