I'm not sure why it is...but drinking a beer in the streets during a beautiful summer day just hits different.  It's why town parties are the best.  You shut down the street, put up some barricades, rent some Porto-Johns and fire up the grill and it's an instant party.

It doesn't even have to be a town-wide.  Doesn't have to be a whole downtown area that's closed off.  Just a block long area to set up some food, beer and live music in front of some picnic tables and you're set.

If you're a fan of these types of parties you are in luck. It's time for Purgatory's Pub's World Famous Street Party!  RAIN OR SHINE!!

Saturday June 26, 2021 they’re shutting down traffic to celebrate their seventeenth anniversary!

ROLLING THUNDER, the premier AC/DC band, kicks off the night at six, followed by Just Cuz and Bad Hair finishing the night!

Their five dollar cover starts at five o'clock.

The greatest outdoor party of the year is here...Saturday, June twenty sixth at Purgatory’s Pub...2104 State Street in Bettendorf.

Purgatory’s Pub has HOT BARTENDERS , HOT food and HOT live music!

Take advantage of the free parking at the Waterfront Convention Center right across the street.

So come celebrate 17 years in business.  I remember when it first opened in (if my math is correct) 2007. Trish and the gang have put in a lot of hard work through the years.  It's a great room for live music and even better when you can set up a trailer or stage outside and celebrate.

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