We Prom From Hell attendees who have a few under our belt know that to ensure a frothy time, and an extended play, it's a good idea to pace ourselves.  Many speedsters out of the gate have been escorted away early in rides home (And a few, just a few, in a more 'Official' ride...and not necessarily to home right away!) but the key is to pre-game a bit, and stay well fed while the party marches on. Remember, you have 5 hours of bands, dancing, and partying...nobody likes the guy who throws up on his shoes (or someone else's) at 8.

It's similar to a college football game day--but with more live music and dancing.  A Guy and a Grill will have a food spread rolled out so you can snack, dinner, or anything in between.

Join us Saturday at The Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds (We'll be in the Expo!) for Hangover Rescue Team, Dirt Road Rockers, and Electric Shock at the Dwyer & Michaels Prom From Hell!

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