Sometimes you wake up in a great mood.  You feel the world is going to treat you right today.  You jump out of bed.  Grab a cup of coffee.  Fire up the truck and head to the construction site.

It's a beautiful day in Dresher, Pennsylvania.

Sure, there might be a bit of a stiff wind a-comin'.  The clouds look a bit dark off in the distance, but that's not going to kill your mood.  You're going to take the day by the horns and show it who's boss.

So, you get to work and everything is going well.  You're on schedule to meet your boss' demands for a project that he has delegated to you for the first time.  You're moving up in this world, son.  It's time to shine and show everyone what you're made of.

You take a break and check the radar on your phone. "Well, boys looks like we'll be calling this day a little earlier than expected.  Seems like Conshohocken (the town just to the east of you) is getting pummeled right now."  But you continue to work on the daily tasks because you're a go-getter.  You're showing up to work today and making the best of it.

Just tum tum feels a bit grumbly.  Was it the extra cup of coffee?  Did you have too few scoops of raisins in your Raisin Bran?  Either check your radar one more time and decide you've got plenty of time to "make a phone call" (what you call it when you have to go poopy).

You close the door to the porto-potty and check Facebook.  Funny videos, great content being shared...and wow, did that thunder sound close!  You check your radar real quick but the internet is out.  You can't connect.

The good news is (for us) your buddy's cell phone doesn't need internet connectivity to get a video of you getting jostled in a porto crapper in a wind storm.


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