Police in Canada pulled a vehicle over after noticing him towing something he shouldn't.

The officer first noticed the vehicle because it was a 1990 Porsche 968 pulling a hot tub. Then, he decided to pull it over because he saw the rig the guy was using to haul it.

The first image surfaced from a local hot tub installer, who took advantage of the advertising opportunity.

The tub was sitting sideways on a furniture dolly, attached to beams, which were strapped to the inside of the car which had the hatchback propped open with more wood.

The 54-year-old was fined for careless driving.

The Woodstock Police Service shared a statement to their Facebook shortly after.

They shared the rules for safely hauling a trailer in Woodstock.

Before towing a trailer, the driver must:
· Ensure the trailer is registered
· Make sure the trailer is in good condition
· Requires strong brakes to stop and hold the trailer
· Must have proper lights
· Must have two separate ways of attaching the trailer to your vehicle
· Need to use a good trailer hitch
· Carry a safe load that is balanced evenly

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