I know I don't have to tell you this, but you shouldn't trust anyone who looks like a disgraced pop star from the late '80s and this proves it.

The police in Columbus, Ohio are on the hunt for two burglars who have used fake IDs to acquire temporary passes to a half dozen gyms. Using the temp passes, they would go into the gyms and break into lockers with bolt cutters. "They go in, they're only in the locker room for a very short time, and they're right back out and gone," Detective Bruce Beard told WBNS. "So, they've definitely done this before," said Detective Bruce.

The running joke around the cop shop is that the thieving pair looks strangely similar to the two dudes from Milli Vanilli. One is a light-skinned black guy and the other is a slightly darker-skinned black guy, just like the pop stars.

Then there's the fact that they both have long hair that's done into thin braids. If that's not enough similarity for you, the burglars are also pretending to be someone they're not to make money, how meta is that?

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