A man who allegedly removed a number of dirty diapers from a daycare is being sought by police.

In a news release issued Friday, police in Toronto said that officers responded to a call for a "suspicious incident" that morning around 11:30am.

Police allege that the man walked up to a daycare center in the area 'multiple times' and removed some soiled diapers from the garbage bin.

Officers reported that witnesses saw a 18 to 22 years old male standing around five feet and five inches, riding a black mountain bike westbound along Danforth Avenue from the daycare at Danforth and Coxwell avenues.

At the time of the incident, he was seen wearing a red baseball cap with a grey brim, black track pants and black running shoes as he fled the scene, with a black or dark blue back pack. It's not clear if he stuck the diapers inside the backpack or not.

Investigators in the case are asking for the public's assistance in identifying him.

It's not clear what the suspect's intentions are with the diapers, but we can only hope he's just grabbing them to throw in his boss's front yard or something.

Read more at Toronto CTV News

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