Remember back in the day when you could scream at someone 2 inches from their face? Umpires and Managers have always enjoyed the past time of getting in each other's face and screaming over a call. Looking back, it's almost weird to see how close we used to stand next to each other.

Last night, there was an argument between the home-plate umpire Jordan Baker and Pirates Manager Derek Shelton after Baker ejected Derek Holland for heckling. Being he was supposed to be a starting pitcher who wasn't yet scheduled, he and other players were watching the game from the stands, where one would assume it would be okay to yell at an umpire's calls.

When Shelton approached Baker, Baker paused a moment to put on his mask, which had broken cord, so he had to hold it. As Baker got closer, Shelton took a step back to make sure they were still 6 feet apart.

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