COVID-19 has put a strain of every business, especially small businesses, over the past year. But even if you take away the pandemic, Baked Beer & Bread Co. in the Village of East Davenport has had everything thrown at them. The Derecho, 2019 snow and flood, an expensive buildout, almost losing everything and so much more.

The latest thing the owners of Baked are dealing with is a pipe bursting inside of their restaurant on Wednesday evening.

Wednesday evening around 6 p.m., Baked Beer & Bread Co. posted on Facebook that a pipe had burst yesterday afternoon, causing severe flooding inside of the restaurant. The water soaked their original cedar wood floors, locally grown and handcrafted cherry wood tables, their chairs, some lighting, dry wall and booths.

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The post from Baked said that no one was injured and the Davenport Fire Department showed up within minutes to turn the water off and remove some of the water from the dining room. Even though the fire department was quick to respond, much of the damage inside Baked had already been done.

Baked said in their announcement that the original flooring will need to be replaced, along with their sprinkler system, and Baked will most likely have to replace many of their tables, chairs, and lighting and other cosmetic fixes.

Due to that pipe bursting, Baked will be closed today (Thursday, February 25). Baked said in their social media post,

"In an effort to keep as much staff employed as possible while we figure out how long repairs take we WILL BE OPEN for CARRYOUT ONLY beginning this Friday at 11 a.m."

Baked also said that they are grateful for all who have supported them. They are working take-n-baked options, features, drinks to go, family meals, and other creative ideas to continue business.

The owners of Baked asks people to continue to support their business and employees as much as they can. You can reach out to them via email at, or message them on Facebook.

See a video clip of the pipe shooting out water at Baked Beer & Bread Co in the Village of East Davenport.

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