I’ll be honest Pioneer Days is not a whole lot of fun right now. My patience are wearing thin with the people I love. My temper has been showing itself from time to time in the form of short sharp answers to full on fits.

I mean, really!  $5 for a burger...no side...and you don't even GRILL THE BUN!  COME ON!  I will not be going back to that place any time soon!  Mostly because I'm embarrassed that one of the workers could have heard me call their burger a piece of "five dollar shit".

So I hope for everyone's sake we get power and water soon!

One of the positive things that came out of the storm on Monday was that our trampoline did not get blown away. I’ve seen almost as many crumpled trampolines as I have uprooted trees over the past few days.

In this video I talk to you about how I keep my trampoline down in hurricane force winds. It's really easy too!  All you need is those dog tie twisty things (proper terminology) and some bungee cords.

You twist the dog ties into the ground and stretch the bungee cords up to hold it down.  Beware...you'll have to undo it every freaking time you want to mow, so you end up getting some long grass that you're wife will be embarrassed you put on video and sent out to the whole Quad Cities.

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