Hopefully the company behind Poopsie Slime Surprise gets this mistake taken care of before the holiday shopping season kicks in.

A family in Port Richey, Florida were shocked to find that the number listed on the popular children's toy is not child-friendly at all. Shari Leveille and John Corbett had bought the toy for their kids last week and called the number listed on a collectible milk carton.

They were greeted by a voice asking if they wanted to have a sexy pic sent to them. The parents are worried other children might call the sex line, "Maybe they call, maybe they wouldn’t but if they did all they have to do is press a couple buttons and it sent directly to their phone."

MGA Entertainment has responded and says they are working to get the number removed. They sent the following message to WFTS:

Providing safe and wholesome play experiences are of upmost priority to us. Upon learning about this issue, we immediately implemented a course of action. We are offering an ultra-rare exchange product to anyone who currently has a Bessie Cowpie, at no expense to the customer. We are also talking with retailers to address whether this one particular character is currently on stores shelves, particularly since it’s an ultra-rare style.

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