If you're like me, you've probably been eating those apple pies from McDonald's since you were just a kid. It's to the point now that a single bite will fill me with nostalgia.

Recently, McDonald's made some pretty big changes to those same apple pies and it's going over like a lead balloon. Each pie has a new lattice crust on the top, which means they're not entirely covered with dough anymore. Instead the tops are criss-crossed.


That's not all. The apple pies have new ingredients too, including less sugar and more cinnamon. People are less than thrilled over the changes. Statements like "they are horrible now" and "my cravings were disrespected" have been thrown around.

It doesn't look like McDonald's is going to backpedal either. The restaurant swears that the new pies will grow on customers and they'll love them. This isn't the first time they've changed up the recipe either. Back in 1992, McDonald's switched from deep frying the pies to baking them.

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