A couple in the U.K. recently posted on a childcare website looking to hire someone else to explain the 'birds and the bees' to their kids, so they don't have to. They're offering just under $3,500 for it.

They want a licensed childcare professional. And they want them to cover a range of topics including sex, gay sex, STIs, condoms, consent, male and female anatomy, periods, and pregnancy, as well as other gender types.

They have two kids, a son and a daughter who are seven and eight years old. The parents say they don't want to do it themselves, and they don't trust their kids' teachers to talk to them about it.

They're willing to do it all in one session, or spread it out over six weekly sessions. Ideally, they want someone who's done it before.

Check out the job listing at Childcare.co.uk.

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