With Santa being thousands of years old, being the weight he is, and his diet mostly consisting of cookies, it's likely that he's probably in the "At Risk" category when it comes to COVID-19. Precautions have to be taken so we don't lose Christmas.

In perhaps a blessing in disguise, kids won't have to be traumatized by being held, screaming, on a stranger's lap for a photo package that costs you a minimum of $50.

Malls are planning on no-contact Santa visits, featuring masks, plexiglass dividers, and photos from six feet away. The smart malls are dressing up their safety procedures by putting Santa in a snowglobe, or behind a giant picture frame. Maybe it'll add a new type of magic.

In some areas, Santa will be available for Zoom calls with kids who "don't feel safe coming to the mall." AKA my cheapass is going to be paying the $5 or whatever it is for the Zoom call so I don't have to dress up the kid to get the picture package where the kid doesn't even get to talk to Santa.

Rick Rosenthal, also known as "Santa Rick, who runs a Santa School, said “Santas are typically in a minimum of two high-risk categories for the coronavirus. They are usually individuals over the age of 65 and they are overweight,” he said. “So even to do this job in a pandemic can be life-threatening.”

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