More than three-quarters of a million people have watched the Louisville Leopard Percussionists' cool update of "Crazy Train" – including Ozzy Osbourne himself, and he clearly loves it.

Osbourne has donated $10,000 to the youth group, founded more than two decades ago by Diane Downs and populated by students from nearly 50 different schools around the Louisville area.

She says she's been preparing the group for this moment from the beginning. "I want them to feel like rock stars," Downs told NPR. "I want them to realize, 'Oh, this is why we work so hard in rehearsal.' I tell them that when you're presenting something to the public, you don't want it to be okay — you want it to be great. So, hopefully they're going to carry that over into their lives once they grow up too."

The Louisville Leopard Percussionists, ages 7-14, used their distinctive ensemble approach to also attract the attention of Jimmy Page, who gave an online tip of the hat to the group's fun take on Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" back in February. "Too good not to share," the Zeppelin co-founder told his 1.6 million fans.

They've also attracted the attention of media outlets like the Today Show and Drum Talk TV, along the way. There's more info about the Louisville Leopard Percussionists on their website. You can watch their "Crazy Train" video above, and more performances at the group's YouTube channel.

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