A new record has been set in a celebratory Teddy Bear Toss at a hockey game, shattering the 2023 record of just over 67,000 teddy bears.

The way it works is fans bring as many teddy bears and stuffed animals as they can, and when the home team scores their first goal, the fans throw all of them on the ice.

This year's goal was scored by Bogdan Trineyevat 4:15 of the second period against the Lehigh Valley Phantoms in front of a crowd of 10,765.

Last year, for the Hershey Bears, their record-setting 2023 record happened at the end of the game after the team was blanked against the team from Bridgeport.

“This is incredible, I mean last year we kinda had PTSD coming into tonight. This is such an awesome event and just to see everyone turn out and support the cause it’s awesome,” Hershey Bears captain, Dylan McIlrath, said, referencing last season when the team was handed a shutout. “It’s record-breaking stuff that Hershey does every year. We keep topping it and if this is your first time it’s pretty incredible. I know my first time two years ago, you just really have to be here to witness it."

The Hershey Bears announced on X that the final count for the toss was 74,599 - which means they just set another new World Record.

Since they began the tradition in 2001, the amount of toys has gotten bigger and bigger. The Hershey Bears have collected and donated 464,107 toys since 2001.

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