Well, it's not the way we drew it up, that's for sure.

Ahead of the Megadeth Show this Friday Night at The Iwireless Center, Megadeth's Dave Mustaine joined the show this morning for a phone interview, and everything that could've gone wrong, did. Despite that, he allowed us to restart a few different times, and we got some great stuff from Metal's famous frontman.

We touched on the things that matter to him outside of music, like the budding careers of his daughter, and son, and how he would like to see them play out. And I had no idea that he and his wife had begun supporting widows and orphans in Haiti--something that surprised us. He is also a man of deep faith, but isn't showy or preachy about it.

He certainly has come a long way from the rebellious teen locked away in his music. Yet that intensity still explodes from the speakers from their latest album "Dystopia."

Klinger will host the backstage at the Iwireless Friday Night, and I hope he does better than we did. The full interview is below, and if you can bear with us, Mustaine gives the best piece of advice anyone ever could on the subject of surviving.