OnlyFans 'model' Rocio Pino, promises if she wins the election into Mexico's parliament, she's buying the first round of boob jobs.

“My election promise is to guarantee free breast augmentation for all women,” Pino, 33, told the DailyStar.

Pino is running as a candidate of the Progressive Social Network party, and is running for a position in Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies.

Her plan is to give female cancer survivors first dibs on the free augmentation surgeries.

“Women who have undergone mastectomy [will be] given priority,” she said. Pino is known on social media as "la Grosera," or “the rude lady," but she's building her run on the simple basis, "t*ts for two."

She's leading in some of the polls, thanks to her campaign slogans such as "With me, your vote counts for two” and, “Because a woman with t*ts is an empowered woman."

As far as her OnlyFans goes, she charges her 60,000 subscribers $144 a year to get a peek at what she's got.

According to the NY Post, she's stripped naked for free on the campaign trail, which is sure to get a few votes.

Pino said she was drawn to politics after volunteering with relief efforts after the earthquake in Chiapas in 2017, according to her website.

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