Phil Collins recently announced that he was coming out of retirement and while the news wasn't expected to light the world on fire, it didn't seem like something that would infuriate people.

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A petition popped up on called "Phil Collins Must Be Stopped." It's addressed to the United Nations, and it says, "[He] has announced he's 'no longer in retirement.' There is far too much suffering in the world as it is. This must be stopped."

Well over 4,000 people signed it. Even though it was clearly meant as a joke, not everyone got it, and they began using the petition to rant about how much they don't like Phil on social media or to whine about the hate on Phil.

It got to the point where the person who created the petition issued an update saying, "It very obviously wasn't a serious petition. Surely no one could think this was going to be sent to the U.N.?

"That anyone saw it as newsworthy is puzzling, it's gone now, so people who reported it and directed so many other people's attention towards it may direct their attentions to something of real importance. This petition wasn't that."

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