I know we're all eager for the day when we can dump our kids off on robot babysitters. But until that technology is 100% ready, maybe we shouldn't just trust any old robot with our kids' lives?

According to a new survey, one out of five people say they'd trust Amazon's Alexa to babysit their kids when they leave the house.

The exact words of the survey were, "Would you let Alexa entertain your kids while you're away?" But the people running the survey said people took that to mean they could leave their kids alone with Alexa as the only one in charge.

It's weird that we'd trust a voice assistant with our kids, though, since we don't trust them with anything else.

The survey found two-thirds of us are pretty sure our smart devices are recording us . . . and the majority of us are more worried about our smart devices secretly monitoring us than the government secretly monitoring us.

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