North Carolina has a virtual public education system, where kids who want to get ahead or need an alternative schedule can take classes online. That sounds great and well intentioned, but this is a weird twist.

They just announced that this fall, they'll be rolling out an online gym class. Yes, kids will be able to take Phys Ed from behind their computers, for actual high school credit.

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Uh, how does that work? The description says, "Teachers will provide video demonstration of a physical activity or sport, then students will practice those skills and build their own video portfolios to document their progress and display mastery."

In other words, teachers will show videos of different activities and the kids have to upload their own videos doing them.

Kids in Macon County and New Hanover County, North Carolina will get to try the classes this fall. If they're successful, kids around the state could get them by the spring.

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