Whether you realize it or not, swearing has been helping you live your life. No matter what anybody says, it really is good for you.

  1. It eases pain. Studies have shown that pain was reduced when people swore. So drop an f-bomb the next time you get hurt.
  2. It makes your heart race. Your fight or flight response activates and fires up your aggressive tendencies. Think of it like a mini pep talk.
  3. It keeps you engaged. Award winning TV shows and movies were shown to have an enormous amount of curse words in their dialogue. That means that swearing makes you popular.
  4. It helps you bond. Swearing helps create close relationships and forms bonds.
  5. It makes you feel in control. It can boost confidence and self-esteem as well.
  6. It can make people laugh. Off-color humor can provide great entertainment value.
  7. It can be cathartic. Swearing helps deal with emotion as well as pain.
  8. It lets you express yourself. Cursing allows people to vent or express extreme emotions.
  9. It helps you fit in. Swearing helps us feel more comfortable in a social setting. When a group curses, it shows that they are all together and just being themselves.

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