Think about how many times you throw something in the trash each day. Now imagine that you rarely ever used your trash can.

30-year-old Amanda Lindner does just that. She lives a zero-waste lifestyle in her New York apartment, that means she accumulates nearly zero trash. She brags that the amount of trash she's created in the past seven months can fit into a single quart-sized mason jar.

Her lifestyle started out as just a 50-day challenge to cut back on the waste she was creating and it grew from there. Amanda started by no longer using plastic takeout containers, switched out her toothpaste for baking soda, and carrying a metal water bottle and tote bag.

When she moved into her apartment, Amanda packed her belongings into suitcases, towels, and blankets. When it came to furnishing everything else, she bought from secondhand markets or used things that are compost-friendly or recyclable.

Follow Amanda's Tumblr to get some life hacks to cut waste out of your life.

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