Bono may have been seriously hurt in that bike accident last November, but he's sure gotten a lot of mileage out of it. He brought it up again at a show in New York City last week.

Bono's special guests that night were the firefighters who saved him, and the woman who called 911. Both got the chance to speak. The firefighters invited him to dinner, and the 911 lady took the opportunity to insult the audience.

After Bono said she was from Denver she said, "I have to clarify, it's Alyssa and I'm from D.C., not Denver."

"Here's what happened: I was running in Central Park, there was an accident, obviously I had to stop and help because I'm not from New York, I'm from Virginia, where people are nice. I called 911 because no one else was doing it."

The crowd booed loudly, and she added, "Sorry, New York people, he would not be here tonight if it weren't for me!"