You talk to an AC/DC fan, and they'll probably agree that today should be some kind of "holiday" in memory of the death of Bon Scott.  On February 19, 1980 Bon and his semi-friend Alistair Kinnear went to see a couple of bands at a London club called "The Music Machine" and they drank like crazy.  After they left, Bon passed out in the car.  Alistair and Bon's semi-girlfriend decided to let him sleep it off in the car, but the next morning when Alistair decided to check on him, Bon was dead.

There are conspiracy theories and rumors about the remaining details, and most can't be proven or disproven.  Letting a buddy pass out and sleep it off after a night of drinking is not that uncommon, but these guys were in their 30's, not in some college fraternity.  And with the outside temperature below freezing, that was a pretty dumb move leaving him in a tiny car all night.  So even though you can't blame Pulmonary Aspiration on Alistair Kinnear or Silver Smith (the "girlfriend") do you think some blame should be given to those two?

So on this day especially, AC/DC fans, I salute you.  I grieve with you.  And I will definitely turn up the studio monitors at 5:00 and "Jam" some classic AC/DC with you!