I was reading something today and was reminded of one particular Grammy travesty from the past.  The best new artist in 1970 went to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, which by itself would not be so bad, but when you consider they beat out Chicago and Led Zeppelin for the award, it becomes a joke.  So I started reminiscing about some of the other great Grammy mistakes over the years, and I put together a short list just to provide some extra comic relief for your day.

5.   Ricki Lee Jones beats Dire Straits for Best New Artist - 1980

4.  Debby Boone beats Foreigner for Best New Artist - 1978

3.  Starland Vocal Band beats Boston for Best New Artist - 1977

2.  Jethro Tull beats Metallica for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance - 1989

...  and of course  ...

1.  Milli Vanilli beating ANYBODY for Best New Artist in 1990.

And this is just the beginning ....