One Poll and Sabra, the hummus brand, conducted a poll of 2,000 people between 18-38 years old. The study's main finding was that 68% of those polled said they prefer a "Friendsgiving" as the way to celebrate the holiday.

There were a few other interesting findings:

  • 62% said they don't enjoy hosting or even attending a traditional family Thanksgiving
  • 58% like Friendsgiving better because they don't get asked awkward personal questions
  • 44% said they expect Thanksgiving food at Friendsgiving, while more than a quarter bring out of the norm foods like guacamole or hummus
  • 44% are totally intimidated by the thought of cooking a traditional Thanksgiving food
  • 38% prefer Thanksgiving because they don't have to worry about accidentally offending a family member
  • 58% of respondents said they're much more social at a Friendsgiving event

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