I'm not sure there's a story that sums up parenting better than this.

A woman named Sidney Anderson from Milledgeville, Georgia posted a story on her Facebook page earlier this week about an incident with her four-year-old daughter.

Sidney says her daughter recently handed her an ice cream cone and offered her a lick. And after Sidney licked it, her daughter dropped a bomb.

Apparently her daughter had taken the ice cream cone into the bathroom and when it was time to wipe, instead of wiping with the hand holding the toilet paper, she wiped with the hand holding the ice cream cone.

But, Sidney's daughter told her, "It was just pee, mommy."

The story is going viral now with more than 279,000 shares and 183,000 comments . . . mostly from parents who can relate. I mean, not to that scenario specifically . . . but sharing why they NEVER eat foods their kids give them.

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