Having a larger dog and living in an apartment can be challenging. There's no going to the back door and letting the dog out to do his business. Walking the dog is something you do every day. Letting him roam off leash, play with other dogs and just run isn't an everyday occurrence. That's why I get excited about new dog parks. The new one coming to Moline sounds fantastic.

Moline Parks and Recreation is going to turn Butterworth Park on the west side of town into a dog park filled with dog friendly play features and a doggie water fountain. This according to an article in The Dispatch-Argus. Parks director Lori Wilson told the paper she came up with the idea for Moline's second dog park after noticing how little humans used the park.

Conversion of the park at 15th Street and 8th Avenue will begin next year when the parks department will install fencing and gates. That is in the budget. Other amenities like play tunnels and dog-ground equipment will be paid for with money raised from the annual "Fur and Friends" event held at the Aquatic Center and memory bricks which the City will sell for $85.

I can't wait to take JJ "The Chill Hound" over to the new park next spring. I expect he'll make a new friend or two and enjoy running around and playing chase with the other dogs.


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