The first ever regular season Major League Baseball Game to ever take place in Iowa is only a month away.

On August 12, 2021, the Chicago White Sox will take on the New York Yankees at the iconic 'Field of Dreams' in a matchup that was postponed because of the pandemic.

A new stadium was built behind the field at the movie site in Dyersville, with a much higher capacity

So far, there's no word on when tickets will be available, or how much they'll cost. Here's what is known, according to a previous interview we did with Director of Operations Roman Weinberg last year.

  • Who is playing? White Sox vs Yankees- White Sox are "Home" and are even surrendering one of their home dates to get it.
  • Yes, this is a regular season game.
  • Yes, the game will be broadcasted. 
  • No, ticket info isn't available at this time, other than there are 8,000 seats in the stadium. 
  • What will the field look like? It's been designed to look like Comiskey Park, the home of the White Sox from 1910-1990.
  • The field won't be destroyed, so what happens next? The owners of the movie site will have to determine what they want to host there now.
  • Is this the smallest MLB facility? No, Bowman Field in Williamsport, PA. only has 2,366 seats.
  • This is the first MLB regular-season game in Iowa. In Fort Dodge, IA an exhibition game was played between the White Sox and the Cubs back in 1942.
  • Will people come? They built it. We will come.

Listen to the interview from February 7th, 2020 here:

It's an exciting for Iowa to finally host an MLB game, and honestly, there's no better place for it.

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