A case of beer costs about $15 or $20, depending on the brand of course.

Two weeks ago, 22-year-old Trevor Harwood was playing a round of golf with his dad at Portland Country Club. The two had played some of the course, but when they got to the 7th hole, things changed a bit.

Trevor checked his phone, and he had a Venmo notification that read "Isaac Nowak paid you $3,500."

"Needless to say, I couldn't really play golf too well after that," Trevor told WZZM.

Trevor was trying to figure out how he knew Isaac, but he couldn't place where he knew him from. That's because he didn't.

Trevor lives in Michigan, but Isaac lives all the way in Sandy, Utah.

Isaac (25), was shopping for a camper with his family, and decided to buy one for a guy whose name was also Trevor Harwood.

"His email matched the username of the Venmo," said Isaac. "I pushed the button and there went the money."

The pair stood there, waiting for the money to show up on Utah Trevor's account, but it didn't, it showed up in Michigan Trevor's account.

Michigan Trevor offered to send the money back, if he could keep $20 to buy a case of beer. Isaac decided that was more than fair.

"$3,480 is a lot to pay for a case of beer," joked Isaac. "But in this case, it's worth it."

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