You would think that in the event of encountering certain animals, most people's reaction would be to leave the area, but apparently, the urge to go and wrestle them is much higher - so much higher that the state of Missouri had to create a law about it.

Police in Missouri took to Facebook to not only warn the people in their area that there was a dangerous animal in the area, but that it's also illegal to get in the ring with them.


"Earlier this morning we received phone calls about a black bear near Rolla Road. The Police Department closely monitored the situation and the bear was last seen heading North back out of town. If you see or encounter a bear please notify the Police Department, do not try and feed or interact with the bear," the Salem Police Department began their Facebook post this week. "Please do not wrestle the bear if you come in contact. Bear Wrestling is illegal in the state of Missouri per statute 578.176."

Carter Lawson via Facebook
Carter Lawson via Facebook

According to the Missouri statute -

1. A person commits the offense of bear wrestling if he or she:
(1) Wrestles a bear;
(2) Permits bear wrestling to be done on any premises under his
or her charge or control;
(3) Promotes, conducts, or stages bear wrestling;
(4) Advertises bear wrestling;
(5) Collects any admission fee for bear wrestling;
(6) Purchases, sells, or possesses a bear which he or she knows will be used for bear wrestling;
(7) Trains a bear for bear wrestling;
(😎 Subjects a bear to surgical alteration for bear wrestling.
2. The offense of bear wrestling is a class A misdemeanor


So, if you're in Missouri and encounter a bear, best to leave it be.

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