I get a little melancholy once in a while, it's always been a part of my chemistry.  So today, I hope you can indulge me as I write about my friend John Roehlk.  There aren't many folks around here that at didn't least "know of" John, Iowa's co-captain lineman back in the early 80's, who had a professional career and an arena football career ... and an otherwise gentle giant of a man, and a man whom I felt a friendship with ever since the first day I met him.  Yup, that John Roehlk.

I never saw John in a bad mood, though I'm sure he had them once in a while.  But what I remember most and appreciated the most about John was how he always treated me like a valued friend.  It didn't matter where I saw him or what was going on in his world, he always greeted me with a smile and the warm feeling of friendship.  That is a quality that impresses the hell outta me.

I'm gonna miss our regular encounters, I'm gonna miss the stories, and I'm gonna miss the warmth.  I'm sure he's got a huge crowd around him right now, all smiling and laughing, and all enjoying the soul of a huge man with a huge heart.  Thanks for your friendship, John...from a guy on the long list who's life you made just a little bit better.