Today, Michael McDonald turns 63.  The guy who single-handedly turned a great rock band (The Doobie Brothers) in to a band whose sound was more suitable for a "cocktail lounge".   Yeah, they were more commercially successful, but I hated it!  I celebrated when they got Tom Johnston back.  Michael was also in the band Steely Dan for a minute, but he was only there full time for one album (Katy Lied) so he managed not to ruin THEIR sound.

He was born in, and grew up in Ferguson, Missouri, but must not want to admit it.  Almost all his bios say he was from St. Louis.  And I noticed he was nowhere to be found when Ferguson was all over the news recently, or now when they need LOTS of help figuring out what to do next after the riots.  Of course I know he is not obligated to do anything, but wouldn't it be cool if he did?

I will say this though, he was part of a hilarious bit in "40-Year Old Virgin" where Paul Rudd was losing his mind having to watch Michael McDonald Videos every day!  Too Funny!

So Happy Birthday to one of my favorite vocalists ever... Michael McDonald!!  Hint:  Don't let that be what a fool believes...


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