As all mothers should know, the best place to hide your methamphetamine is inside your child's lunchbox... and then send it to school with them.

Lousiana police we called yesterday to a child care facility in West Monroe. Staff reported to police, that they had found narcotics inside one of the children's lunch bags.


She looks awfully happy about getting arrested for misplacing drugs in her 4-year-olds lunchbox...

A police investigation revealed that the 35-year-old mother of the child, Jennifer Wise, had left a gram of meth, half a Xanax bar, and several doses of the sedative Clonazepam in her daughter's lunch bag when she dropped her off at the daycare.

An interview was conducted with Jennifer Wise Tuesday afternoon, she admitted to purchasing the drugs a day before the incident for $75. State Trooper Ryan Baker said, “Wise said she had actually misplaced the drugs and was currently looking for them.”

Police searched the property of Jennifer Wise and found nine grams of meth, digital scales, and “numerous plastic baggies used for distribution.”

Jennifer Wise has been charged with four felony narcotic counts and two misdemeanor raps. She is currently in the Ouachita Parish jail on a $14,500 bond.

Here is what commenters had to say about the incident:

Max Lee LowrySad situation. Fortunately, the young child didn't get ahold of the drugs. And hopefully, the mother will get herself some help & get off that crank.

Amber SumrallShe's not so....wise is she lmao.

Larry C Garner"Oh that's where I left my meth."

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