There's no one quite like Iggy Pop! The rocker just celebrated his 70th birthday and remains an inspiration to many with his boundless energy and rebellious spirit. And with the shirtless wonder recently hitting a milestone birthday, Metallica's James Hetfield offered a tribute in the one way that seemed particularly fitting.

Hetfield served up a video tribute in which he doffed his shirt and showed off some ink for viewers. "Hey, Iggy. Happy 70th birthday. You don't look a day over 30," stated the singer. "I've enjoyed immensely getting to know you over this year and have nothing but respect and love for you and what you've done for rebellious music. And I just wanna say that you're not only a survivor but a huge inspiration for me as I battle on into older age and enjoy every moment of it. So I think everyone there, in honor of Iggy and his 70th, should take their shirts off. Yeah! Have the faith! Keep the faith, brother! Take your shirt off." Watch the tribute below.

Fans may remember that Pop joined Metallica onstage last year performing the song "T.V. Eye" for fans in Mexico City. You can revisit that performance below. “Metallica has much respect for the man coming out here to sing a song with us. We’re grateful that he’s been able to be on this Mexico City tour with us. Please, show your sign of respect and love to Mr. Iggy Pop! Please come out here dude,” exclaimed Hetfield at the time.

Metallica return to the road May 10 in Baltimore. See all of their scheduled dates here.

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