We've had a few brighter, warmer days lately, reminding us that summer isn't too far away. Our March Dwyer & Michaels Classic Car Calendar page from The Camera Corner gives us that same feeling. You can almost hear Tony Long's '69 Plymouth Roadrunner thundering down the backroads when you check out these extra photos from Jerry Petersen. Linwood Mining provided the perfect backdrop for those of us thinking summertime already!

Our March model Caley was wiley enough to slow this Roadrunner long enough to get us a few more great poses. She told us she used a small dish of birdseed in the road. Maybe it was her outfit. We may never know. Thanks to our monthly sponsor, Olderog Tire and Performance in Davenport! Great service for your car on Rockingham Road.

It's almost time to get your car ready to submit for next years' Calendar. Keep your eyes on this space!

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