Do you remember being a kid and making stupid long gum-wrapper chains, and eventually you just stopped? Gary Michael Duschl did the same thing, but he never stopped.

When Gary was in high school in 1965, he saw some classmates tying gum-wrappers together, and asked if they'd show him how. Once he got good at it, he decided to make the longest chain in his class. Gary's classmates started to see this was his passion, so they gave him their wrappers, helping him create the longest chain in school.

Guinness World Records

After high school, Gary never stopped.

"I just kept it going for the next 55 years then I found out there was a world record for it so I thought I could beat that," Gary said.

Guinness World Records

The now 70-year-old has spent two hours a day working on the masterpiece, which is now 106,810 feet long, about 40 times as big as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, and about 20 miles long.

The chain has 2,583,335 wrappers, Wrigley’s, Juicy Fruit, Doublemint, Spearmint, Winterfresh and Big Red.

Gary keeps the chain in his house, stored in a room between 18 3-foot-long bins.

Guinness World Records

Now that he's achieved the record, he'll be featured as the centerfold in the 2021 Guinness Book of World Records.

If you're interested in helping Gary hold the record, visit his website where he accepts gum wrappers from around the country.

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