I'm always impressed when someone refuses to get steamrolled by THE MAN. But this is some serious dedication to justice right here.

A 71-year-old guy in England named Richard Keedwell got caught going 35 in a 30-mile-per-hour zone back in 2016. But he was adamant that he wasn't speeding, and decided to fight the ticket.

The fine was 100 pounds, which is about $123. And in the last three years, he's spent 37 THOUSAND DOLLARS fighting it. About $26,000 on lawyers, and the rest on court fees.

He claims the speed camera that caught him must have been triggered by a different car in the lane next to him. But he lost his initial case, then lost an appeal last month.

The worst part is the $37,000 he spent was a large chunk of his son's inheritance.

Richard says he's just "sick" over it. And he never expected it to drag on so long, or cost so much.

"I regret the amount of money. I very simply wanted justice."

Read more at BBC.

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