Living on a farm has it's privilege's. For instance...I can yell out my window right now the nastiest of cuss words and no one except the chickens would hear me. And they already know I'm a crazy clucker anyway, so it doesn't matter.

The bad part is that we get random animals on our property.  Raccoons, rabbits, stray cats, stray cats that we've adopted, ducks, chickens...all have been attacked by my dogs.

It usually happens when we let the dogs outside to go piddle.  They're in an enclosed fence so there's usually nothing to worry about.  Unless the animal somehow gets inside the fence.  Then they immediately regret their decision and try to high tail it out of there.

Some have luck.  Others do not.

Most recently a dog on a walk (off leash) decided to fetch one of our chickens.  The fella who owned the dog didn't even apologize for the mauling of a chicken in front of the chicken.  Luckily the chicken made it through although I was looking forward to some chicken soup.

So, I'm used to saving animals from dogs.  It's old hat at this point.  But it'd take a lot to chase a alligator into the water.

In the video below, a surveillance cam caught a Florida man in the water wrestling with a small alligator that has his three-month-old puppy in its jaws.

It's frightening.

The good news is...he was able to get the dog free, and it only has a small puncture wound.  The man's hands were chewed up, but he's fine.

Although, I'm not sure I am after watching beware.

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