Who knew there was such a fine line between making a joke and human trafficking? This guy's prank on his girlfriend went way farther than he thought it would.

Dale Leeks from London was shopping for some horse riding accessories with his girlfriend Kelly Greaves over the weekend. She used a horse whip to hit him on the butt and he wanted revenge.

So he pulled his own prank by listing her for sale on eBay.

He described her like a used car with lines like, "Starts okay but after a while there's a constant whining noise I can't seem to stop" and "bodywork is fairly tidy but close up shows signs of wear."


A bidding war broke out over Kelly and the price reached $119,000 before eBay pulled the listing. The ad broke the auction site's policy against selling human body parts or remains.

There's no hard feelings between the couple after the listing, but Kelly is already planning her vengeance.

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