A video shared to TikTok by Dirka Poirier showed the aftermath of an incident he surely regrets involving high speeds and a snowmobile.

Dirka shared the original video of himself coming around a corner at too high of a speed, narrowly missing two vehicles driving in the road before ditching the snowmobile.

Either Dirka didn't have his killswitch cable attached, or it horrible malfunctioned. The throttle stayed wide open, and the sled went on to hit the mount of snow on the side of the driveway he slid into.

Once the snowmobile hit the snow mound, it went airborne and out of view of the security camera that caught the incident on video.

@dpoirier via TikTok
@dpoirier via TikTok

A loud crash can be heard, and you can see Dirka walking slowly to try and catch up to the snowmobile, which sounds stuck as it still runs with a wide-open throttle.

Later, Dirka shared the video he obtained from the neighbor whose home was damaged by the sled.

You can't help but laugh. The video starts with a quiet and peaceful garage, when suddenly the unexpected happens.


No sound can be heard until suddenly the entire garage door is ripped down from where it was mounted by the snowmobile, still running at what would probably be full speed.

Dirka doesn't say anything about the neighbor's reaction to watching his garage be destroyed in his rearview mirror, but surely, the guy would be pissed.

"They are going to be pissed when they get home!! Sorry neighbor!!" he wrote on the first video.

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