Last week, 28-year-old Michael Foster slammed his Jeep into a house in Muncie, Indiana. Five people wound up in the hospital: Michael, two passengers, and two people who were in the house.

The police have two competing arguments for what caused the crash.

According to the passengers in Michael's Jeep, it was the fact that he was driving drunk. Apparently he had been "chugging" Fireball whiskey right before hitting the house.

Michael admitted to drinking, but says that wasn't the problem. He claims the accident happened as a result of the poor quality roads. To quote the man himself, "I wouldn't have even hit the house if it wasn't for these [s****y] Muncie roads."

Believe it or not, the officers decided to arrest Michael and not anyone in Muncie's public works department. He's facing several charges, including operating a vehicle while intoxicated, public intoxication, leaving the scene of an accident, disorderly conduct, and more.

Delaware County Jail
Delaware County Jail

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