Every few years when origami has a flare-up in popularity, and it seems everyone but me has mastered making one thing in particular: The crane.

The crane became a sign of peace after the Hiroshima atomic bombing victim Sadako Sasaki attempted to fold 1,000 of them to have a wish granted. It's a sweet story, but not one that tracks with this new story out of Kobe, Japan.

On May 11th, the Hyogo Prefectural Police arrested a 22-year-old man who was threatening his former driving school.

In multiple incidents between October 27th of 2022 through April 9th this year, fifteen letters showed up at the driving school addressed to a 39-year-old instructor's name on it, placed in the school's mailbox. The letters reportedly had messages written in them that were simple. "Die!" one said, another reading "Quit your job now!"

Then, the weirdest part came - a crate was left at the driving school with over 1,500 origami cranes in it. No messages were attached to the origami art pieces.

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Police were able to use footage from surveillance cameras to track down the suspect and found that he was a former student of the driving school who had failed out of the program to get his truck license last year.

When he was placed in handcuffs, the man admitted to sending the letters because he was "angry at their poor teaching style."

Police asked the obvious question - what is up with the 1,500 cranes?

The man explained that they helped him calm down.

Read more at Sora News 24

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