A fight over a disco ball has led to a guy being arrested on charges of residential burglary and robbery charges.

On April 29th, 59-year-old Rodney Thomas was arrested in connection with an April 25th incident that occurred in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Craighead Co. Sheriff's Office
Craighead Co. Sheriff's Office

Jonesboro police say officers were called to a home about an assault with a head injury.

“The victim states Rodney Thomas approached him about a disco ball that he had purchased from Thomas for $20, but he was wanting it back. The victim refused, and Thomas pushed him back in the apartment,” Jonesboro police said.


Police said a person who was with Thomas then entered and assaulted the victim. After the assault, the victim was left with a cut to the head and multiple broken ribs.

After the assault, Thomas and his friend left. He also faces a misdemeanor theft charge in this case.

A $10,000 bond was set for Thomas, who will be arraigned June 30th in circuit court.

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